V.alley S.tyle I.nvasion was an American metal band formed in 1997 as a side project of members of other bands in the RGV underground metal scene. The band's members included John Garcia of Slow Grind, Rom Garza of Frameshift, Joe R. Ybarra of denial and Memo Leal of Catastrophe. The band blended elements of crossover thrash and death metal.


Years Active: 1997 - 1998

Genre: Crossover Thrash, Death Metal

Members: John Garcia (drums), Rom Garza (guitars), Joe R. Ybarra (bass), Memo Leal (vocals)

Associated Acts: Slow Grind, Static Limit, Catastrophe, Denial




V.alley S.tyle I.nvasion - demo '97

It would be a while till this release would rear it's ugly "RGV" head! After spewing out a few shows in the local scene, it was time to try and bottle it onto tape. Recorded by Joe Leal Jr. on a portable multi-track recorder in a bedroom and hallway of drummers house, John Garcia (we're sorry again Johns folks!)...the recording would be shown around here n there, later to be locked away in a pit. I guess now you can say this is its official (unofficial) "release."